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Chile Resturant Project

Chile Resturant Project

Oct 20, 2023

As a set of outdoor dining table and chair, comfort, durability and environmental protection are important factors in our production considerations. We choose high quality materials to ensure that our customers' choices will stand the test of time and climate.


For the choice of chairs, we offer a variety of styles and materials, this project the client chose a classic design French bamboo bistro chair, and customized the color of the dining chair and bar chair according to the requirements.  We show some bistro chair models on our Alibaba store:https://beaconpeace.en.alibaba.com/. This customer very like the design of model BP3214 rattan french bistro chair and BP3216 rattan bar chairDue to their satisfaction and trust in our products and services, the first order not only ordered the custom production of hundreds of bistro chairs, but also chose to customize and produce dining tables with us.


For dining tables, we offer a choice of different shapes, sizes and materials. It can be elegant marble, natural wood or durable synthetic materials. You can choose the right material according to the needs of the outdoor environment and venue to make your dining table both practical and beautiful. This tabletop is made of marble according to customer needs. 


Thanks very much for customers'  trust and feedback.  Looking forward to more cooperation and feedback. If need commercial furnitures, welcome to contact us.

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